Foundation Course

This course is specially designed to give beginners a good, basic understanding and insight into the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan

- Strong Body, Still Mind.

The Beginners Foundation Course will focus on the following areas:

  • Basic Taoist Meditation

    • Yeung Sang Hey Kung Set One (Chi Kung)

    • The aim is to “still” the mind and sink the Chi to the Tan Tien point

  • General Relaxation Exercises

    • To loosen joints and stretch muscles so as to move the Chi and awaken the fascia, ligaments and internal organs

  • Basic Tai Chi Chuan Form

    • To circulate Chi through various postures in a continuous flowing movement.

  • Breathing Exercises to settle the breath and calm the energy.

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General Information:

Fee: Initial Taster Class is FREE then £7 per class pay as you go


No special clothing is necessary - any loose fitting/comfortable wear is suitable.